Friday, April 07, 2006

First Mate 2005 - Excerpts from my journal.

May 27.
Woke today to the brightness of it raining only
lightly. One could move about without a jacket and not
become drenched within the first minute (for once in
what seems to be a long time)... What a beautiful
sight to look out from the dock and see that shining
white western rigged dragger, that sleek black hulled
schooner with the sharpie bow, and the two barges
nestled in the confines of the harbor breakwater; they
lay quietly next to the multitudes of empty moorings,
an assortment of lobster boats, and numerous

July 23.
We left Buck's Harbor and headed up the Eggemoggin
Reach with a 10 - 12 knot wind off our stern. We
sailed wing on wing for a while which put a huge smile
on my face; I felt ecstatic. The blue sky, warm air,
and billowing cumulus clouds all added to the day...
We anchored by wooden boat school and had a lobster
bake on a nearby island (Babbage Island I think). We
all relaxed on the sand for a while. After dinner some
explored the intertidal zone and found many
curiosities such as multitudes of shrimp, gaggles of
gooseneck barnacles, fields of mussels, scatters of
hermit crabs, and speckles of sea glass to name just a
few. What a beautiful spot. The sunset was one of the
best I have ever experienced, complete with
reflections off the approaching rain squall... Just
before bed I quietly climbed the main mast and sat
aloft. I reflected on the day and considered how
extremely lucky and happy I felt, and how perfect life
was. I enjoyed the warm wind as I looked at the
distant lightning flashes, the clear sky above
revealed the stars and milkyway, and the nearly full
orange moon gently rose from behind the distant storm
clouds. I considered how right everything was, how
soft the topsail felt as I rested my face against it,
how secure the boat felt as I held the rigging between
my toes, and how awesome the wind was against my back
as the rigging hummed and the boat softly vibrated. I
was right where I belonged.

-Shawn Melillo