Sunday, June 25, 2006

the 2006 crew

Cook Eileen, First Mate Shawn, Capt. Brenda, and Deckhand Suzanne with the Evans in the background. Got Lobstah?

Our 2006 sailing season so far

We're five trips into our season and things are going really well. Our new soapstone bed warmers, what we call "Hot Rocks", are a big hit on damp or chilly evenings. Guests simply put in their order for a 'hot rock' at dinner time, we put them in the wood stove's oven to heat up, and when they are ready to go to bed they pick them up from the galley. We've had reports of the heat lasting all night long!

The wind has been pretty light lately so we've had to push with the yawl boat a fair amount but we did have a day early this week when we didn't use the yawl boat at all. We sailed off the anchor in Carver's Harbor, Vinalhaven, after the Schooner Gam and sailed to Hurricane Sound for a lobster bake. We rowed guests ashore and the yawl boat stayed in the davits all day!

The wildlife has been pretty good with the regular sightings of lots of seals, porpoises, and osprey and an unusually large number of bald eagles. We've had sightings of an otter on two different trips (near the same area) where the otter joined us on a rock just in front of the beach where we were eating lobster. He hung out for about a half an hour scratching himself on the barnacles and cleaning his fur. You have to look for him in the photo I took but he's the little lump on the rock on the left....