Thursday, February 15, 2007

Windjammer Sunset

This will help get through a cold winter day...

Windjammer Winter

It’s a blustery day today. My truck doors were frozen shut from the snow and rain we had yesterday. In the coarse of a day we went from temperatures in the teens to a high of 41 degrees and then right back into a deep freeze. It is currently 18 degrees but with the wind it feels much colder.

After I warmed up my truck, I drove down to the shipyard to get Zeb started for the day. Zeb is a temporary worker that is sanding and painting small parts of the schooner. I live about a mile from the shipyard and I get a great view of the Rockland Breakwater on the way. The tide was high and the waves were crashing over the breakwater. It’s definitely not a day to go for a stroll out there like so many people do in the summer. I did ask a couple people if they wanted to and both looked at me like I was crazy. Of course I was just kidding anyway.

Yesterday was a snow day for most people and many local businesses closed early. Marine Animal Lifeline (MAL) called me late in the morning to ask if I would go check out a stranded seal. I bundled up and carefully drove to Owls Head to meet the person that had discovered the harp seal in his back yard (something that can only happen if you live right on the ocean!) Another volunteer showed up with a dog carrier and we made our approach to a very alert animal. He made it clear, with an open mouth (showing us all of his sharp teeth) and vocalizations, that he wasn’t thrilled that we were getting closer. We were able to approach slowly and get a blanket over him. Once the blanket covered his eyes he went totally still…a common characteristic of harp seals. He was transported to a veterinarian in Damariscotta for the night so no one would have to drive in storm conditions all the way to the MAL facility in Westbrook. I haven’t heard an update but I’m hoping to hear soon that he is okay and that he will be returned to the wild as soon as possible.

I made tiramisu for the first time yesterday (Yes, it was a busy day!). The radio station that I volunteer for in the winter was planning a celebration of 5 years on the air. Of course it was an anniversary/Valentine’s Day party and the tiramisu was for that. I also made some heart shaped chocolate chip cookies, some sugar cookies, and sweet and sour meatballs. The party was cancelled about an hour before it was to take place so I am stuck with all this yummy stuff. I took the tiramisu to the shipyard this morning for coffee break and I hope that it is all gone by the time I get back there.

I’m in the process of interviewing for office managers and it is a challenging decision. I have had great conversations with four people so far and one more to go this afternoon. I need to make a decision and let everyone know by tomorrow. It’s tough…and I had no idea how much interest I would have in this one job posting. Hopefully I make the right choice.

In addition to that I’m trying to keep on top of the office stuff and the shipyard work. I’m beginning to feel like two people….but each one is only getting half the job done! My days are long and I really just wish I were on a beach in the Caribbean. There’s still time for that before the crew starts in full swing on April 1st. We’ll see…