Saturday, May 31, 2008


We're married!

The day was absolutely wonderful (a little breezy....but, hey, it wasn't raining!) We're reveling in each other's love as we approach the end of our first week as husband and wife. We have just a few gifts still to open and then the process of thanking everyone that helped make our day so special will begin. We were surrounded by friends and family that traveled from near and far and we recruited so many to help with a variety of tasks. We didn't get it all done but what we accomplished was great. Our hearts are full and we are blessed!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Top 10 things to do on the Evans

10. Meet new friends. Your shipmates often share similar interests and friendships are easily formed.
9. Eat your way across the Bay. Food is a central part of the trip. From locally roasted coffee to delicious soups, roasts, salads, fresh baked breads and desserts, lobster, and hand-cranked ice cream, you're assured to not go hungry.

8. Go for a swim. Okay, the water is cold but you just have to jump in for at least a minute to say that you did!

7. Take photos. Islands, lighthouses, lobstermen, wildlife, other windjammers, shipboard life, and stunning sunset are all things you'll want to remember about this unique adventure.

6. Help the crew. Raise and lower sails, wash the deck, polish brass, wash dishes - just get involved as much or as little as you'd like.

5. Go for a row or sail. Whether by yourself or as a romantic moment away from other guests, our row boat and our sail boat are available every morning or evening.

4. Visit an uninhabited island. Maine's true treasure is the thousand of islands along the coast. Go for a hike, explore a tide pool, gather shells, visit fairy houses, and marvel at the unspoiled beauty.

3. View wildlife. Catch glimpses of seals, porpoises, osprey, eagle, sea birds, and the occasional whale. Rare sightings have included a blue shark, a beluga whale, a mola mola (ocean sunfish), deer, and a moose!

2. Take a turn at the helm. Feel the power as the wind moves 52 tons!

1. Nothing. That's right, nothing. For too many of us this is truly a challenge. Just be still, leave the cell phone, computer, traffic, paperwork, worry...just take one morning, one hour, whatever time you can and take it all in. Sit quietly any place you can be alone, close your eyes and just be at one with the universe. Give thanks for the opportunity to experience such a truly special adventure, unload your stress and be reinvigorated for your life back home.

Knit, read, nap, quilt, play games, blow bubbles, fish, cross stitch, sing, play an instrument, draw, paint, write, tell jokes, fly a kite, dress like a pirate, visit a fishing village, stargaze, set the lobster trap...what's your favorite thing to do aboard the Evans?