Monday, July 27, 2009

We interrupt this pregnancy...

You may have noticed that I'm behind in reporting on our trips this summer. At first this was due to just being busy and the symptoms of pregnancy.

Last weekend I rushed to the emergency room because of some bleeding and followed up on Monday morning with my OB. We learned that our little kidney bean was no longer with us and the bleeding was indeed another miscarriage. We made it 10 weeks this time and only shared our exciting news because we had seen such a strong heartbeat and everything progressing well at 8 weeks (as far as the pregnancy made it last year). We thought we were on the way to the family we've dreamed of for so long. I started a pregnancy journal and we bought several baby items. I even started knitting baby booties and thinking of how I was going to decorate our guest bedroom this fall and turn it in to the nursery.

We lead a very public life in the summer. Everything that happens to us happens to us in front of our guests. I did my best to keep it together this past week after taking a half-hour to myself Monday morning after learning about the miscarriage. Our departure was delayed a little bit and I wont wasn't easy. It continues to be something very difficult to deal with but we are blessed with supportive and loving family, friends, and guests, and we appreciate all your cards, comments, hugs, and prayers.

We are deeply saddened.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We interrupt this sailing season...

...for special news!

Baby Thomas is due February 14, 2010! Now the size of a grape with a strong heartbeat (that we saw and heard!) of 173 beats per minute!

Mom is exhausted! And having weird appetite issues. Smells are intensified. And, already, nothing fits!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July 2nd - Fireworks

Our trip started out with many of them have this year...but we had some afternoon clearing and actually saw the sun and blue sky. Our hopes were high for fireworks as we anchored in Gilkey Harbor with three other schooners but the fog came back as the sun set and all we really saw was colored fog.

We woke to thick fog the next morning and we made our way to Stonington. The sun did it's work and we had good visibility by the time we were near North Haven. The plan was for a lobster bake so we had to get to Stonington before the lobster co-op closed at 4:00...or so I thought. We had called the co-op prior to leaving Rockland to be sure they were going to be open on the holiday, otherwise we would have brought lobsters with us from Rockland. It turns out that we received erroneous information and the co-op was lobsters. There were several other people there looking to buy lobsters too but we were all out of luck. Thank goodness for cell phones and a husband ashore. Brian and Izze procured lobsters in Rockland and drove them up to us. We postponed the lobster bake until the next day. There was lots of talk of thunderstorms on the radio but they all passed to the north. Fireworks that night were great and we were treated to several small private displays as many of the islands around us were occupied by campers throwing their own celebrations.

We saw the fireworks being set up on Two Bush Island as we sailed by Stonington. There were lots of boxes!

We went ashore the next morning for our lobster bake on Russ Island and the sun was delightful. Three people even went swimming! Everyone got a little too much sun despite repeated application of sunscreen.

The Rosa Rugosa (sea roses) on Russ Island are beautiful and very fragrant.

We got underway just after 3:00 pm and sailed for several hours. The wind was coming from the direction we needed to head for our return to Rockland and it made for a long day. We dropped anchor in Hurricane Sound at 8:30 and I hoped for either no wind or a favorable wind the next morning so we could get back on time.

It was a beautiful sunrise with glassy calm water the next morning.

Vikesh took advantage of the opportunity to put a line in the water. Hannah caught a mackerel at the dock and Mike caught a mackerel during the trip. We used them later for bait in our lobster trap. Unfortunately we lost our trap and will never know if we caught anything.

We had an extra guest on the way back to the dock. I suppose he was hoping for some brunch.

We pushed back to Rockland in a bit of a swell and were treated to a song and dance arranged by Terry and Hannah with almost all the guests participating.

Terry: "What's the matter, Hannah? Why so glum?"
Hannah: "My trip on the Evans is almost done."
Terry and Hannah: "Sob, sob, sob, sob, sob."

Then each guest, one by one, joined the line until everyone was singing, "Sob, sob, sob, sob, sob."

Jackie posed with the brunch she prepared. The cherry tomatoes were stuffed with lobster and avocado...YUM!

We arrived only 10 minutes "late"and everyone gathered their belongings and headed out. There's nothing better than seeing someone put an "IHE" sticker on their car before they even leave the parking lot!

Mark took the prize for best t-shirt!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fifth Trip of the Season - June 23

We're off to celebrate Maine Lighthouse Week and not long after leaving the dock we sailed right by the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. Unfortunately, the fog shut in just outside the harbor and we didn't even see Owls Head Light. We did, however, see Tug Narragansett and her tow and we started the yawl boat to get out of her way as we had totally lost the wind. We rode the swells across West Penobscot Bay and settled into a little cove off Amesbury Point, North Haven. We heard Brown's Head Light but never did get to see it.

The fog came and went on our second morning and we had great visibility as we motored through the Fox Island Thorofare. It socked in on the other side though and we just barely got to see Goose Rocks Light. Mark Island Light led us into the Deer Isle Thorofare where we got some clearing again and someone ashore took our picture as we sailed by Stonington. That picture made it into the Bangor Daily News! Our lobster bake on Russ Island that afternoon was delightful.

Lobster Bake view from Russ Island.

Lunch was served with fresh whipped cream!

On Friday we had relatively good visibility and we sailed west over the top of North Haven. Mark Island Light

We started to see several of the other windjammers and at one point had six or seven in view. There wasn't a lot of wind but we did have about three hours of the most glorious sun. We had people down to shorts and t-shirts, the hammock was hung, and bubbles were being blown. It was amazing what the sun did...but it didn't last long as the fog swallowed us once again before we anchored in Bartlett Harbor, North Haven. Our newlyweds, Ken and Shirle, went for a row before dinner.
Ray and Jo from Florida were with us for two trips in a row and only saw the sun that Friday afternoon. Jo almost finished the hat she was knitting but didn't have the double point needles for the top. Here she gets some help balling a skein of Tutti Frutti yarn (very colorful!) that she plans to make into a shawl. That's Aiden, our apprentice, in the background.

Brunch included tuna salad, frittata, coffee cake, hot lobster dip and crackers, and fruit salad as we motored across the bay to the dock. The fog held on to the last minute and we never did get to see Owls Head Lighthouse.

Fourth Trip of the Season - June 19th

It's a Knitters Cruise and Beth from Unique One saved me a bunch of time by blogging about the trip already...complete with pictures. Click here and scroll to "It Was A Dark And Stormy Night".

Third Trip of the Season - June 14

It's the Schooner Gam trip and we welcomed 13 guests for a wonderful time. We left Rockland and headed for Kent Cove, North Haven, where we rafted up with 7 other vessels.
M/V Rendezvous was in the harbor when we left.

The menu the first day included a breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, scones, and fruit. Lunch was Seafood Chowdah, toasted baguette, spinach salad, and ginger cookies. Dinner was Spinach Ricotta Lasagna, foccacia, tossed salad, and chocolate birthday cake for Travis who had just turned 13. We gave him a stuffed lobster and a message-in-a-bottle kit which he tossed in the water on Wednesday. We hope it drifts to far off lands and he hears from someone that finds it!

We were the last boat to tie up to the gam. This is what it looked like as we approached. WOW!

The previous evening's fog cleared away quickly and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast of blueberry pancakes, bacon, and fruit before getting underway.

Tuesday morning's menu board (created by yours truly!) complete with "Lobster Tonight!"
The fog is clearing!

Raising the foresail.

Goose Rocks Light...we call it the Spark Plug.

There wasn't a lot of wind so we alternated between drifting, sailing, and motoring across East Penobscot Bay. We purposely headed toward Outer Scrag Ledge and Little Sparrow because it seemed like a perfect day for seals to be basking in the sun. We saw an eagle, lots of seals, and porpoises. Our day was capped by a wonderful lobster bake on Hell's Half Acre and a beautiful sunset. What's even better is that we had a perfectly clear night full of brilliant stars!

Guest Carole has a friend with a house on Deer Isle. We sailed by it and she and 1st Mate John posed with it in the background. Yeah, it's far away...but it's there!

Julia found a perfect beach rock to sit on.

And we found a Lady Slipper!

Wednesday was our windy day. We covered 40.7 miles as we headed back west for our return to Rockland. We had lots of tacking and lots of guests at the wheel through out the day.

It wasn't Vivian's first time at the wheel. She sailed the Evans a few years ago and still has the touch!

Travis readies his message-in-a-bottle for its journey. (Yes, I missed the actual toss.)

We ended up in Clam Cove and enjoyed a dinner of baked ham, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, bread, and peach cobbler with whipped cream.

There isn't always wind on the last morning of a trip but there was enough to tease us so we set sail and headed for the dock. Brunch included lobster-stuffed mushrooms, lobster salad, pasta salad, frittata, fruit salad, and coffee cake.

Good weather, good food, good company....good trip!

Oh, my...

...I've got some catching up to do!