Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Outfitting - Day 38


You've probably guessed it by now...we painted today! Touch ups included:

-second coat on the top of the head house
-second coat on some margin planks
-several doors
-log rail

My Brian painted the covering board.

Brian C. went aloft with some non-skid paint to apply to the top of the cross trees. That will give Gregory some traction when he is working aloft. I used the non-skid to create the stripe by the break at the foredeck.

Gregory cleaned lots of tar off the jib boom and several other surfaces.

Brian C. and Gregory sanded more of Tug's varnish.

Brian and I worked in the varnish room late in the day and applied the final coat of varnish on two ladders, the rudder, and the tiller.

Brian primed some small pieces while I started the varnish on three of our deck boxes.

Brian also put a coat of poly on a piece for cabin #5.

I installed the navigation box, radio, depth sounder, and compass.

Our new fore sheet. So white!

And Margi and Vicki came by with galley goodies. They've been putting a lot of thought into ways to make the Evans experience even better and here's some fun stuff they've picked up:

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Trevor said...

Lookin' wicked awesome! (Said with an incomprehensible Maine accent) :)