Thursday, February 25, 2010

World's Largest Lobster Cooker!

The world's largest lobster cooker is right here in Rockland, Maine! Well, of course it is "deah". Where else would it be?

Rockland is the home of the Maine Lobster Festival and every year around the first week of August (this year's dates are the 4th through the 8th) visitors and locals alike head down to the waterfront to honor this famous crustacean and the lobster men and women and stern men and women that bring them up from the briny deep.

According to the Maine Lobster Festival web site they create an event that includes "nine tents, the world’s greatest lobster cooker, a sea goddess, a big parade, top notch entertainment, an international crate race, fine art, talented crafts people and vendors, US Navy ship tours, all you can eat pancakes, free shuttle service, US Coast Guard Station tours, professional and amateur cooking contests, marine heritage, road races, kids events, over 20,000 pounds of lobster, PLUS over 1,000 volunteers and a group of dedicated directors." That's a pretty impressive small town festival if you ask me!

A couple years ago they built a new lobster cooker and they solicited local business owners, residents, and visitors to help in the cost of the project by purchasing personalized bricks. I took a moment the other day to photograph our bricks:

Will this brick bring us any windjammer enthusiasts? Maybe not, but it can't hurt!

And this one in memory of a dear friend
(who had been working as a stern man) gone far too early.

Here's the cooker during the winter...
just waiting for those tons of lobsters!

If you're planning a family vacation in Maine this summer and you're thinking you want to go to the Maine Lobster Festival or you want to go sailing on a windjammer, you might think about combining the two. We have a Pirate Adventure Cruise that boards on the evening of August 8th as the festival is wrapping up for another year. Arrive in Rockland on Friday the 6th, spend Friday and Saturday night in a local B&B or hotel (book early!), see the big parade Saturday morning and the rest of the festival through the weekend and then board a National Historic Landmark schooner to fulfill your fantasy to act like a pirate as much or as little as you like during a 4-night sailing adventure. Maine, lobsters, sailing, pirate can you go wrong?!

Watch a video of the cooker in action:

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Katherine Reutter - Olympic short track speed skater

We just found out this morning (thank you, Tumas family!) that a young lady that sailed with us in 2004, when she was just days shy of turning 16, is competing in the Olympics! Her Olympic debut race is tonight at 8:42 pm EST and you can bet we'll be watching and cheering for her here in Maine. I had goose bumps as I read about Katherine online and all that she has accomplished since she sailed with us and told us that she was in training and that her goal was to make to these Olympic Games.


Meet this amazing woman here:

Monday, February 08, 2010

Now that's a blog post!

Emily sailed with us last summer. She was doing a "gal pal trip" or "girlfriend getaway" with her mom. You just have to read her blog post. Be're definitely going to want to go sailing on the Evans after you read it!

Wordless Wednesday - photo credit Rob Colclaser

Windjammer Cruise Photos

More great photos of the Evans posted online. These were posted by Dave Cottrell who sailed on the Evans in August 0f 2006. Thanks Dave!

Click on the photo to see all images.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Summer Sail Photos - another internet discovery

I keep finding great stuff online when I search "Isaac H. Evans". This one turned up when I searched for images. I was the mate on the Evans in 1998. That was Capt. Ed's last summer.

Click the photo to see all the images.

You can find "Isaac H. Evans" in Stonington in the Winter?!

Yes, indeed! But not the schooner's a room at the year-round Inn on the Harbor in Stonington that is named after the schooner!

The description of the room from their web site is:

Located on the village side, the Evans is our most spacious room and is furnished with a king size bed and full bath. Wonderful overstuffed furniture completes the sitting area which includes a full size sleep sofa. Access to the main deck.

And how appropriate....our cabins are all very small but they are among the most comfortable because we sacrifice a galley that fits everyone at once and a captain's cabin so our guest accommodations can be as large as possible. That doesn't mean you won't hit your head as you get used to your new surroundings but it does mean that you'll be able to get in, move around a bit, and still have a place to put your things. And ALL of our cabins have access to the main deck...where you'll spend the majority of your time anyway.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Visit the Maine Coast Without Leaving Your Seat - Web Cams!

Our home port...Rockland Harbor.

Stonington looks pretty quiet and cold this morning. Check it out during the summer and you'll see lots of activity. You might even see me and our guests on those granite benches enjoying Maine Black Fly ice cream (vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks and a raspberry die for!) You can see that it is low tide through in a few hours and see what high tide looks like. That little hill in the background to the left is Crotch Island.

The sun is shining on Clam Cove in Rockport this morning. Check it out during the summer and you might see the Evans sailing in or at anchor here! We often visit Clam Cove on the last night of our trips because it is a short sail back to Rockland the next morning. We don't stop there if the wind is from the East or if there is a significant ocean swell because those two things can make Clam Cove an uncomfortable place to be. Thankfully our prevailing winds are from the south west and we've had some beautiful nights here...once we even saw the Northern Lights! The little island at the mouth of the cove is Ram Island. Lots of birds live there in the summer...mostly gulls and cormorants. We often see eagle and osprey in the trees surrounding Clam Cove. The first time Brian ever saw the Evans was in Clam Cove!

Camden Harbor
Enjoy a view of the schooners and other boats, the inner harbor and the dockside goings-on.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Ground Hog Day!

Unfortunately, it looks like 6 more weeks of winter.

Think's the only way to make it through.