Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our sailing season is over . . .

We started the morning at anchor with guests aboard:

We arrived at the dock just slightly later than our 10:00 am expected arrival. And this is what we looked like at 5:20:

The cabins are empty -everything has been taken off the boat right down to the soap dishes, sink stoppers, mattresses, curtains, and pot belly stove.

The deck is empty - no more deck boxes, sails, booms, gaffs, life raft, or side boats.

The galley is empty - remaining food, wood, dishes, settee covers, shelves, and even sole pieces are off the boat. (The stove stays aboard.)

The heads are empty.

Everything was labeled before being taken off so we'll know what things are next spring when it all goes back together again. Two very important labels:

Tomorrow's projects include removing the anchors and chains as well as the topmast, trail boards, quarter boards, and billet head.

Then we'll move the schooner around the corner, tie her up for the winter, and build our winter cover. She is ready for a much-deserved rest.

Have we forgotten anything?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's my birthday!

I woke up this morning on a 125-year-old schooner. Then I ate bacon (and eggs and muffins and fruit) for breakfast. We also had chocolate birthday cake that mess mate Brenda (I know, confusing, right?) decorated with a chocolate bar schooner with Laffy Taffy sails and writing (photo coming later when I receive one from someone that captured it).

Jay decorated my bunk with a "Happy Birthday" sign and balloons as well as putting balloons on the mastheads. I've never had balloons up there before!

I received cards from lots of people (and one dog!) and can't thank you all enough for your sweet birthday wishes!