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We're not doing any boating this time of year . . . except in our living room!

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December 2011

Where did that whole last month go? We had a busy time preparing for our first Christmas with Kai. We were still spending time putting the finishing touches on the workshop too and Brian was even able to sand a few of the small pieces of the Evans.

I decorated two wreaths for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bids for Kids wreath auction.

The wreaths "before". . .

and the wreaths "after".

The red one included a trip on Rendezvous and the blue one included a trip on the Evans. I was proud of my hand-made bows and pleased that the wreaths were so popular at the auction!

The next project was my second gingerbread house. I wasn't as happy with my effort this year as I was with last year's but I snagged first place in Rockland Main Street's Festival of Lights Gingerbread House contest!

The early stages (recognize anything?).

The finished product.

It's the Evans sailing past Owls Head and heading for Rockland Harbor! Santa has a great crew and a tasty cargo! You can see from the earlier picture that the land and the inside of the boat were made out of cereal treats, the house was made out of gingerbread graham crackers, the light base was made out of an ice cream cone with a frosted marshmallow on top, and the Evans was made from homemade gingerbread. The sails are sugar sheets I discovered at a craft store. Everything you see is edible! Now that I've done the Rockland Breakwater Light with Rendezvous and Owls Head Light with the Evans, what will I do next year?

Next we turned our thoughts to our holiday calendar mailing and headed to a local greenhouse where they set up a veritable winter wonderland. I took my cue from a friend that has taken her two kids there for years to have their picture taken for their Christmas card.

Kai among the poinsettias.

Kai as a snowman and Mama as an elf.

Next we went to the North Pole! Maine Eastern Railroad does a Jingle Bell Express train each December and we went for the first time. The conductor read "The Polar Express" en route. We must have traveled way faster than it felt because in just a short time we arrived at Santa's workshop where we watched the elves singing, dancing, and making toys! Santa's elves came on the train and gave each child a special present; a jingle bell. And then Santa and Mrs. Claus joined us on the train, too!

Part of the fun was that Brian and Kai didn't know where we were going. When I told Brian to save the date, he asked what we were doing. When I told him it was a surprise, he asked how he would know what to wear. I told him not to worry and, that day, left three boxes stacked on the bed. I went off to run an errand and told him to get dressed and be ready by a certain time. The boxes held new pajamas and slippers. When I got home he was all dressed (Kai was in his outfit, too!) and he asked if we were going to a pajama party. I said, "Kind of." and off we went! We made it just in time to get underway and, though not many other adults had played along and worn their pajamas, we had a great time!

Santa's elves delivering bells.

Kai meets Santa!

Then it was off to get our Christmas tree. Brian and I have always gone to the same place to get our tree. At first it was just the two of us and we always talked about hoping there would be a little boy or girl to help us pick our tree someday. Then there were a couple years when it was the three of us (me, Brian, and our dog Izze). And this was the year we had really been waiting for when all four of us went to get the tree together. The place we go lets you cut your own and they sent you out with a red and green cart with jingle bells and a saw. So cute!

No snow yet.

I'm behind the camera for this one.

I decorated our tree with a red and white theme this year. I used a hot glue gun to glue ornament hangers on starlight mints and used red and silver bows and jingle bells (including the one Kai got on the train!) We also had a few special ornaments - "Baby's 1st Christmas" and some blue baby-themed ornaments. Can't forget the pickle (which was very well-hidden this year if I do say so myself!)

Even Izze got into the Christmas spirit!

Kai was a good boy and Santa brought lots of toys including this "workbench".

Grampa helped Kai unwrap drumsticks into which Nana had wood-burned his name!

Then it was off to New York to visit with Brian's family. Kai had met Grandma before but it was the first time to meet all of his cousins.

We welcomed the new year by bundling up and going for a walk at Merryspring Park in Camden. They even have an area for dogs to play off-leash so Izze was thrilled. Notice there is still no snow. Actually temps were almost in the 40s and the sun was doing a great job of making things a little muddy. We're in the single digits now though and it's truly feeling like a Maine winter. Snow? Surely it is on its way . . .

So that's what we've been up to. We're excited about the possibilities for the coming year and wish all of you fair winds and smooth sailing in 2012!